Meet the main suspects, who lead a team of experts to your doorstep.

Alex Dimov

Chief Design Officer

Alex is the Lead Designer, with his eyes always set on the latest trends. Usually an easy going person, he is often a pain in the butt for his design team, focused in every small detail – every dot and every line. Most of the time clients heavily rely on him to build a great concept on their ideas. With his background in marketing, economics and management, his understanding of the projects and clients ideas is always spot on. On the little spare time Alex is not concentrating his mind with designs, he loves to spend with his family and friends … and his other big passion – sports.

Valentin Simeonov

Chief Development Officer

Valentin is our “rocket science” guy. With his love for coding, there is hardly a project that can bring him to his knees. Often he likes to challenge himself with over-complicated, non-project related development issues, just to test his creativity in solving problems. Leading a development team, Valentin usually tends to mentor them and push them to the limit, which brings awesome results . When he is not in front of a computer, Valentin develops the rest of his talents as a musician. In his words, “Great code has to flow easily, just like a great song – you can’t play the wrong key and expect beautiful things to happen”

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